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A Baker & Reed custom-tailored dress shirts are pieces of tailored joy. A tailored shirt fits perfectly and enhances the silhouette, creating an elegant look in every occasion. You can personalize to the maximum choosing among multiple models of cuffs, and also a wide variety of collars, and as well as many types of buttons. This will make sure that each shirt reflects your personal style.

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“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.”

Mark Twain

Custom Tailored Shirts & Shirts

As our custom-tailored dress shirts are of premium quality and will stand the test of time. We are confident in the quality of our custom-tailored or fitted shirts. Baker & Reed’s objective is to offer you a quality custom tailored shirt that is affordable and painless to order.

Custom Made | Quality Comes First

The problem with off-the-rack online shirts, apart from the inflated prices, is that these shirts won’t fit you. They’re made to fit everyone’s build, whether boxer or butcher. But the problem is that you’re not everyone. You’re you, and you need a bespoke shirt tailored to your contours, whatever they may be. This leads us to made-to-measure shirts, also known as bespoke or custom tailored. Whatever term the shirtmaker uses, you can be guaranteed that buying your shirt a Baker & Reed tailor made shirt will leave you with a well-fitting shirt that you feel good in and that will serve you for years.

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