Baker & Reed custom-tailored suit jackets are pieces of tailored joy. It’s complex, and the fitting process can be a daunting experience if done incorrectly. But we will walk with you through the whole process. It is up to you to let us know what it is that you would like. We make sure that it will be correct, and the suit jacket will make you feel like a million bucks but are fairly priced so that you look and feel good.

Create a custom Jackets with Baker & Reed

Our suits are carefully made by our skilled tailors. They create a unique pattern based on your measurements and chalk them directly upon the fabric of your choice.

The canvas is a layer between the suit fabric and the lining that gives the jacket its shape. All our quality canvas is made from the finest horsehair. To test your suit jacket for this feature of excellence, pinch the fabric slightly at the front. If the canvas is hand-stitched, you will feel an extra layer loose on the inside. If not, this means the suit fabric has been fused with glue.

The suit jacket shoulders should gently hug and encase yours, creating the perfect structure. To achieve this, our suits feature a small top shoulder canvas, and pads are manually attached. A further subtle enhancement is the use of cotton tapes to strengthen the shoulder seams.



“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.”

Mark Twain

A good quality fabric helps the suit keep its shape. All of our suit fabrics contains wool which provides both comfort and a tailored finish. Using wool in combination with other fibers such as linen, silk, polyester or viscose creates different structures and expressions in your suit. This makes it easier than ever to create the suit of your dreams, wearable for all those types of occasions you have in mind. Explore our large range of suit fabrics and start creating the suit of your dreams today.

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